World Changing Women is a support ecosystem for women entrepreneurs, founders, speakers, creatives and thought leaders committed to transforming our world through business.

At the core of this ecosystem is the World Changing Women Membership, a dynamic group of experienced business women committed to growing their revenue and impact, as they grow themselves into the influential leaders they were born to be.

Each week we join together with women around the world inside of an online community of learning, support and collaboration. 
We support one another through weekly masterminding and brainstorming sessions, implementation days, accountability partners, and learning the latest business and marketing strategies. However, the real treasure lies in the authentic, heart-centered connections between our members. 

When you say yes to the World Changing Women journey and this community you say yes to your deeper calling and purpose. You'll find yourself in a community of support that blows you away! 

The valuable experiences we co-create while uplifting each other’s businesses will form relationships for years to come. You can’t change the world all by yourself, but you can do your part. We’ve got your back and we’re invested in your success! 
  •   This program is open to all women or non-gender conforming people who also meet the following...
  •  You are a business owner committed to creating a positive impact in the world through the work that you do.
  •  You are a leader with influence and you're looking for a community of leaders to collaborate, co-create and share resources, tools and learning with.
  •  You are a corporate leader who wants to launch a business venture or passion project with a positive social impact mission.
  •  You are just starting a business, but you have proven success in a previous venture or in a leadership position of influence inside the business world.
  •  Women who have no prior experience running a business, or as a corporate leader.
  •  Business owners who want to integrate social impact as a "tacked on" idea.
  •  Multi-level marketing businesses are a not a fit. Our training programs will not support your business model.
  •  Entrepreneurs who are not serious about growing their venture, at least to the size that sustains their lifestyle. If the business is a hobby, this is a not a fit.
  •  Business owners who don't want to put any focus on revenue, profits or making money. (This group supports making a lot of money and having massive impact in the world.)
Don't take our word for it, hear what our members say...

  Our members are deeply committed taking action to create positive change in the world.
   We help you create a business that's successful and also aligned with your values. There are no cookie cutter formulas to follow here.
   We all collaborate and provide generous feedback and a positive environment for learning.
   We are committed to personal growth and becoming the best people we can be.
   We provide a unique combination of education, mentorship, masterminding, coaching, collaboration, and accountability.
   Members benefit from the connections with other successful, conscious, seasoned entrepreneurs willing to share their genius, influence and resources.
   We don't just talk about giving back — we walk the talk. Each year World Changing Women picks a philanthropic focus and in 2019 we are helping organizations that are rehabilitating survivors of human trafficking. Our members may provide mentorship, financial support or fundraising efforts for our partner charities. (see below for more info)
Each month you will learn some of the latest marketing and business strategies from our founder, Kim Carpenter, or one of our faculty members.

Topics may include:
- digital marketing strategy
- conversational selling strategies
- building a movement
- leveraging video for marketing
- how to get booked as a speaker
- feminine leadership principles in practice
- money mindset shifting strategies
- how to grow and manage your team
Mastermind & Love Seat Calls
During our mastermind calls, we use an online video conferencing system to break into small, intimate groups. You'll get to share a business challenge and receive feedback from knowledgeable peers.

On our Love Seat calls, Kim, or one of our coaches, will support a few members of our community with laser coaching. Even if you aren't the member in the love seat that week, there's a huge benefit from seeing someone coached who may have challenges similar to yours.
Get It Done Days
Every month, we'll get on a call and get things off of our to-do list together. We'll set goals for what we want to get done that day and then we'll hop on calls in the morning, afternoon and end of day to check in and celebrate what we've accomplished. Carving out a whole day once a month for working on our business is powerful. We'll barrel through the procrastination and get those big things off of our plate.
Members Only Facebook Group
Gain access to the private, lively World Changing Women Membership Facebook Group where you can post things for feedback, find solutions to your problems, ask questions, and more. You can also use it as an informal mini-market research group. Bring your lead magnets, your sales pages, your offers, your strategies, and more, and get input on everything.
A powerful support ecosystem for thriving women business leaders
Women supporting women with incredible mentorship to shortcut success
Being surrounded by powerful, generous women to help you create your impact
This community is one of the greatest gifts of my year
These are the right women to challenge me to stand in my power as I grow
The community I've always looked for but haven't found anywhere else
The monthly membership fee is typically $297 per month, which comes out to $3,564 a year.

Comparable mastermind programs often range from $10,000 - $20,000 per year and UP!

But for a limited time, we're offering a super sweet deal!

We're lowering the monthly price of the membership to just $197 per month!

And if you decide to pay in full for the whole year, we'll also give you one month FREE, plus we'll throw in a complimentary ticket to next year's live event ($997 value).

That's a total value of over $4900, for only $2,167 to get a world-changing year of support, masterminding, training and collaboration with experienced women entrepreneurs!

How's that for an amazing deal?
 BONUS: Complimentary Ticket to our Live Event (Fall 2019 - dates and location TBD) - valued at $997)
 BONUS: one month of membership FREE (VALUE: $297)
Total Value: $4,560
Pay in full and get the BEST DEAL
only $2,167
1) Submit your membership application via the link on this page.

2) We will send you a confirmation email with a link to book your interview with Kim or one of our team members.

3) Submit your payment and then you'll start the program on the first of the following month.
Psst... want us to let you in on a little secret?
We were curious and asked our members to tell us what brought them to the membership and what KEEPS them in the membership and they said...
We want you to have no obstacles to joining if you feel this is the right fit for you! So, we're backing this with a 100% money back guarantee. 

Once you're accepted as a member and you attend the first two calls, if you decide that this isn't the right fit for you, just let us know within the first two weeks of signing up and we'll refund your money in full. No questions asked.
After years of working in advertising and digital marketing for brands such as The United Nations, MasterCard, Blue Shield and OfficeMax, Kim now focuses on helping women business owners stand out, scale up and make an impact.

Kim’s accomplishments include serving as the VP of Strategic Operations for Conscious Marketing, Inc., and through an alliance with The Unstoppable Foundation, raising more than $20,000 to fund education for girls in Kenya. 

A passionate global traveler and lifelong learner, Kim’s pursuits have taken her to over 35 countries — including India where she lived in an ashram for 5 months studying and leading groups, Israel where she co-facilitated leadership workshops, Peru to work on a women’s addiction recovery center, and Africa where she supported children’s rights and victims of gender violence.

World Changing Women is committed to making a dent in human trafficking, one of the largest humanitarian issues of our time. 

To this end, we are partnering with charities like Adamo Group, who provide training and support to victims of sex trafficking in Texas. 

Founded by Carissa Bradford and her sisters, they have given their time, sweat and tears to offer women the opportunity to heal and become employed above the poverty line. 

World Changing Women Members are dedicated to raising funds for this cause, as well as serving as mentors in areas such as business development, finance, public relations, marketing, communications and resilience building. 
Q: Can I invite my friends or someone I think could benefit from this membership to join?
A: Yes! Absolutely. If you vouch for them (we trust you!) and think they would be a great fit for the membership, by all means, pass the information along!
Q: How do I know if I'm a good fit for the membership?
A: The membership may be a good fit for you if you are a woman or gender non-conforming person who longs to connect with other conscious business owners. We are particularly focused on gathering for-profit and non-profit women founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives, speakers, authors, and consultants who want to make a difference for humanity, culture and/or the environment.
Q: Can I speak to someone and see if this is a good fit for me?
Absolutely! We'd be happy to chat with you. Please send an email to and we'll schedule a call right away.